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Amazon Fire HD Kids | SeeSpectrum

Amazon Fire Kids creates an add-on that uses eye-tracking technology to detect Autism Spectrum Disorder in children users. [spec]

Amazon assists parents with autistic children during the stage they need it most: diagnosis.


SeeSpectrum technology is created after multiple researches that indicate that autistic children focus more on non-social images, such as geometric shapes and inanimate objects, rather than social images of human faces.

So, when a child plays on the tablet, SeeSpectrum uses the front camera to track the amount of time the child focuses on non-social images in the videos, games and books provided with the “Freetime” service. 

Since there’s many activities to play with on the tablet, SeeSpectrum can collect enough observations to determine not only if the child has Autism, but also exactly where the child lies on the Autism Spectrum.

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