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Clickbait for Good


Clickbait, the practice employed by publishers of spreading sensational headlines for the sake of page views, 

has invaded social media feeds across the web, lingers at the bottom of most web sites and permeates our daily

digital life in general. Facebook announced changes to its algorithm that will marginalize clickbait in our News Feeds.

‘Clickbait for Good’s goal is to redirect those clicks and shift the conversation toward topics that truly matter.

ClickbaitforGood.org allows visitors to generate clickbait posts that link to a specific cause related to the headline. 

For example “This guy turned his cat into a rug” links to an anti-poaching campaign where people can help put an

end to illegal tiger hunting. Organizations can submit a request to be featured on the website. The project’s

Facebook and Twitter pages feature new stories every hour that link to good causes where people can get involved.





Case Study (1:15'')


Example I: A story about a big yacht leads to a charity using boats to save refugees. 


Example II: A story about shocking final words leads to a charity that prevents suicide in LGBT communities


Over 200 charities have applied to be featured: 



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