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Extra Creativity

I love conceptual photography and portraits . My inspiration usually comes from fashion magazines. 

Reese's - Social Media Posts (client work at Arnold NY) 

Sunglass Hut - Real Time Social Media Gifs (client work at RXM Creative NY) 

Doritos Student Spot (00:30)

LEGO Print Ads



Fashion Editorial / Photography


ZARA_Fall 2015

Photographer/Art Director: Vrasidas Golemis

Stylist : Jane Marle

Makeup artist and hair stylist: Alexandra Javor

Model: Lauren @Look

TOPSHOP_Fall 2015

Art Director: Vrasidas Golemis

Filmographer: Jen Miyako McGowan

Editor: Jane Marle

Photographer: Jen Miyako McGowan

Photographer Assistant: Bailey Stone

Stylist: Jane Marle

Make up Artist: Jill Marie

Hair Stylist: Kurt Musrasrik

Models: Lauren K @Look, Sydny @Stars, Leilani @Look, Natalia @Stars and Tehya @Look

Photos converted in Pop Surreal Art

When photography meets the Digital Art and your friends and family are turned into illustrations.